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More About Plastic Water Bottles

I don't know about you, but those warnings about the BPA in plastic water bottles possibly causing cancer and urinary tract problems really didn't sit well with me. So my old Nalgene is now a lantern, and I now use my Sigg or Klean Kanteen bottle instead. I'm really glad I've made the switch since a new study has linked BPA to even more health risks. This is just a preliminary study, but it shows that the BPA used in plastic water bottles, baby bottles, and the lining of some cans could possibly also cause heart disease and diabetes. This chemical has been used in these types of products for years, but recent studies with animals suggest that it can also affect hormones, fertility, and can cause developmental problems in the brain.

In this recent study, researchers examined results of a survey of 1,455 American adults who gave urine samples in 2003-04. Each person reported what health problems they were experiencing, if any. Of all the samples, 90 percent had detectable BPA in their urine. Those with the most BPA also suffered from heart disease and diabetes. Coincidence? It seems further testing needs to be conducted to see if there really is a connection between BPA use and health issues. I'm still not taking any chances though. What about you?


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ht1979 ht1979 8 years
BPA is not found in all plastic bottles - just most of the super hard, indestructible ones. If it's not rigid, it likely doesn't have BPA in it. That said, as was mentioned above, Nalgene and others now make some BPA-free bottles ( that are rigid and not visibly different than the old BPA ones. Except when specially-labeled, most plastics that contain teh recycle #7 contain BPA. Note that BPA is also found in other sources. Canned foods, apparently, are generally believed to be the biggest culprits. (they're often lined with plastic that contains BPA). Nalgene-type bottles and sippy cups/baby bottles have gotten more press for containing the chemical, though - this is likely because these containers often get heated for one reason or another, and when heated, the BPA is more likely to leach into the liquid contents. (lots of this was pulled from webMD if you wanna' check that out for addl info).
RachelRenae123 RachelRenae123 8 years
The study you are talking about shows a link between BPA levels and certain medical conditions. However there is no conclusive evidence that the amount of BPA used, say, in Nalgene water bottles, is enough to raise your BPA levels. In other words, we know BPA isn't good for you. We don't know that drinking from a Nalgene is going to give you cancer. It's a jump to conclusions which haven't been proven yet.
tennisgal tennisgal 8 years
Does anyone know if there's typically BPA in all types of plastic bottles? What about plastic, biking-type water bottles - the ones that fit in the rack on a bicycle. Also, what about disposables, like Aquafina or Dasani bottles?
Bksuga Bksuga 8 years
this is progbley a dumb question but everyone is talking about thier personal water bottles which i am throwing out as we speak. but what about the ones is the store are those made with BPA? And where can you buy BPA free water bottles?
SeptemberGurl SeptemberGurl 8 years
i love my Camelbak (BPAfree)...also have a kleen kanteen as a spare. i love siggs, but twice the cost of my camelbak.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 8 years
Nalgene and Camel Back now make BPA - free water bottles. Siggs are just not convenient.
christie1 christie1 8 years
I'm not sure I buy the health concerns at this point... I'm sure any population of 1500 people will have numerous health problems even if none of them use Nalgene bottles.
scorpstar77 scorpstar77 8 years
I have a Sigg that I use at home, but I did keep a plastic bottle at work that I got as a freebie promotional item. I haven't used it in a while - I've been afraid to since the news came out linking that kind of plastic to so many health risks - and just Monday I finally tossed it out while cleaning my office. It felt good. Now I'm using a regular glass for water at work.
gothamgal gothamgal 8 years
I don't use plastic water bottles or any bottles but if I did, I'd go the glass (although v. heavy to carry around) or stainless steel route.
rebelkate rebelkate 8 years
I just switched my whole family to stainless steel water bottles. I have been reading about this for a long time and wish I would have done it sooner.
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