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For More Benefits, Don't Peel That Apple

For More Benefits, Don't Peel That Apple

Are you an apple peeler? Maybe your kids refuse to eat the apple peel and you give in to them? Well, looks like it's time to think about changing your ways...

A new study shows the bulk of apples’ anticancer properties lie in the peel. Researchers identified a group of phytochemicals in the peel that proved potent against at least three different types of human cancer cells: breast, colon and liver. So step away from the peeler and grow to love the skin your apple is in.

By the way, ironically, I am eating an apple (peel included) as I write this -- Check ya later cancer.


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SU3 SU3 10 years
That's a great idea pixelhaze - guacamole and pototoes! mmm...
pixelhaze pixelhaze 10 years
I was definitely an apple peeler when i was younger. But I would do it to everything - I'd even take the skin off chicken, etc. I was a very picky eater (not so much anymore!! haha) But what's funny was that my younger sister woud only eat what i wouldnt. So as I ate my apple she would happily munch on the peel. I would take the skin off my chicken and she would only touch that. Between the two of us we never wasted any food! haha. As for potatoes - I read somewhere that the healthiest way to cook them is boiled whole in their skins. And that's my favorite way to cook them because it's completely hassle free and then I eat them with a bit of Guacamole!
ktownpolarbear ktownpolarbear 10 years
i'm with bookgirl. i think the skins on the potatoes and apples give it more flavor.
pinupsweetheart pinupsweetheart 10 years
I don't think I ever took teh skin off. I had to have them cut up though. I can't bite into an apple - it bothers my teeth. Yeah, I know, I am werid.
the-clam the-clam 10 years
I've read the white rind of an orange has as much vitamin C as the fruit.
purplesugar purplesugar 10 years
I was a peeler when I was younger, even though I was told it had all the nutrients, but now that I'm older I've learned to eat the skin too :) Still don't like potato skins though!
bookgirl bookgirl 10 years
Mine either, but I always preferred it with the skin. Same with potatoes, I liked the skin too. Does the skin of potatoes have any awesome benefits besides being deliciously crispy?
lady-T lady-T 10 years
my mum never let us eat the apple skin-less!! thanks mum! :p
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