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After seeing the Double Roll Pizza from Pizza Hut, I have been dying to know how many calories and milligrams of sodium are in that thing.

This pizza is currently available at Pizza Huts all over Japan. I really hope this is not what other countries think American food is. Being that I don't read Japanese and also that I don't think Japan requires nutritional content to be posted, I decided to make an educated guess based on the image (with some translating help from user thisisalladream). Want to know the number I came up with? It's shocking, so

Calories Sodium (mg)
12" Cheese Pizza from Pizza Hut 2,160 4,560
Pigs n Blanket (12) 1,128 2,088
Cheese Pizza Rolls (12) 380 960
Bacon (2 Slices) 86 370
Italian Sausage (1 Link) 230 809
Hamburger Patties (4 small) 480 130
Ham (3 oz) 151 1,275
Tomatoes (4 Slices) 18 8
Mushroom (1) 2 1
Onion (1 tablespoon) 4 0
Peppers (10 Strips) 5 1
Peas and Carrots (1 oz) 20 50
Room for Error 500 500
TOTAL 5,164 10,752

This means that one slice is about 646 calories and 1,344 mg of sodium. Yowzers! Now I am not saying this to be the actual number (because I actually think it seems low), but I just calculated to the best of my abilities. Besides, I couldn't even try and figure out how many more calories are in the optional maple syrup and ketchup dipping sauces.

I'm gonna go blow chunks now...

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