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More Love, Less Handles: Gold's Gym Couples Workouts

More Love, Less Handles: Gold's Gym Couples Workouts

One way to share quality time with your sweetie is to work out together, and Gold's Gyms have decided to take the battle of the bulge to a whole new level of intimacy. To create more love and less handles, they have created four customized couples workouts designed to strengthen your trust, intensity, intimacy, and communication, as well as your muscles.

If you think you and your partner could benefit from some together time at the gym, here's a brief explanation of the four workouts that Gold's will be offering this week.

  • Communication: This workout focuses on flexibility training since communication is vital to partner stretching. Small adjustments are essential for making the stretch fulfilling without pushing it too far.
  • Intimacy: Eye contact is an essential part of intimacy, and in this strength training workout, partners look at each other during each move. For double lunges, the couple faces forward and locks arms, then alternates lunging forward and backward. It resembles the tango more than calisthenics.

To see what the other two workouts involve,


  • Intensity: Sometimes we strength train against gravity, but in this workout your partner will create additional resistance with his or her body weight. Try doing a push-up while being hugged from below.
  • Trust: Anytime you use a spotter for lifting weights, you are also strengthening your sense of trust. Working this way will definitely make you feel more connected to your partner.
  • You don't need to be a member of Gold's to try these workouts. You can use a trial membership for a pre-Valentine's Day partner workout. Find your local Gold's gym here.


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