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More Pet Food Problems

What is with pet food these days? Last week, rat poison was found in some pet food made by Menu Foods and almost 100 brands of pet food were recalled.

Now on an unrelated note, the FDA has issued a warning letter to Iams Co. that says some of its pet food contains an unapproved substance. Chromium tripicolinate is found in:

  • Eukanuba Veterinary Diets Optimum Weight Control/Canine dry
  • Optimum Weight Control/Feline dry
  • Restricted-Calorie/Canine dry and canned
  • Restricted-Calorie/Feline dry and canned

The FDA didn't ask Iams to recall these products, but they were strongly urged to remove the chromium tripicolinate from their products.

The FDA considers chromium tripicolinate to be genotoxic, meaning it can damage DNA and cause mutations and tumors. Are you kidding me? Then what's this doing in my pet's food?

These products are sold by prescription only for overweight pets, and the chromium tripicolinate is used as a metabolism enhancer. Iams did agree to remove this ingredient from its Veterinary Diets cat and dog food.

Fit's Tips: If you use any of the foods mentioned above, unfortunately it's time to switch your pet's diet AGAIN!!

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