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Morning Weight-Loss Mistakes

3 Morning Habits That Contribute to Weight Gain

Whether you wake up groggy or ready to greet the day, the choices you make in the first hour or two of your day affect the numbers on the scale. If losing weight is your goal, then avoid these common morning habits.

  • Not sweating it out: We know that exercising regularly burns calories, and getting it done first thing in the morning ensures that obligations later in the day won't prevent a workout from happening. Research has also shown that morning exercisers tend to work out harder and longer than afternoon or evening exercisers. Not a morning person? Here are some ways to prep for your morning workout the night before.
  • Leaving the house without eating: Boosting your metabolism increases your calorie burn, and eating first thing helps make that happen. It'll also give you energy to kick butt during your morning workout, so be sure to choose small, protein-packed, easily digestible meals such as these. Even if you're not planning on hitting the gym or biking to work, don't skip breakfast to aid in weight loss. That plan will actually backfire, as studies show that those who eat breakfast regularly lose weight and keep it off more than those who skip the first meal of the day.
  • That daily trip to Starbucks: There's nothing wrong with that morning cup of joe; in fact, coffee can help increase your endurance during longer workouts. Just be mindful about your menu choices. Specialty drinks complete with whipped cream and a chocolatey drizzle can run you 500 calories or more, and sipping down those liquid cals with an icing-smothered scone or crumbly muffin will add several hundred more. Go for a small black coffee with a little milk and sweetener, and you'll get your daily dose of caffeine without adding pounds to the scale.
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