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Most Annoying People at the Gym | GIFs

The 12 Most Annoying People You'll Meet at the Gym

Many a calorie has been burned at the gym, and, for the most part, everyone either keeps to themselves or offers help or motivation when you need it. But sometimes we have to share the gym with these people — some are just so annoying that I get why people work out at home! Which one bothers you the most?

The Never-Wears-a-Shirt

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Note: this person could also be viewed as amazing.

The Equipment Hog

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What are you, three? Share people!

The Look-at-Me

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Yeah, you're awesome. Thanks for sharing.

The Extreme Worker-Outer

Take it down a notch, dude.

The Always-Looking-For-a-Date

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Maybe you didn't realize — this is a gym not a bar.

The Never-Shuts-Up

Have you noticed that you're the only one talking?

The Hasn't-Showered-in-a-While

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Ever heard of soap or clean laundry?

The Perfume Counter

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Directions: one spray, not one bottle.

The Curser

We could do without the profane outbursts.

The In-Your-Face

How about a little personal space?

The Germ Spreader

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What's with the stash of used tissues in the cup holder? And I know you didn't wipe down the machine!

The Expert Who's Not

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Does it look like I asked for your help or advice?

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