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Most Embarassing Fitness Moments

Hey guys. Come check out my new suite: "Share your most embarrassing fitness moments."

We all have them so why not share them? Maybe yours is when you tried this subway exercise on your commute and you slipped and fell on your bum. If they make folks laugh, then you're giving them an abdominal work out. If your moment is just down right humiliating, then you will get our empathy and know that you are not alone.

We all have moments when we fall from grace or off the treadmill. So come on and share.

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trisugar1 trisugar1 10 years
Oh God - On treadmill, running pretty fast. Caught hand in iPod cord, iPod falls to treadmill, catches on my foot and I go 1/2 way down as I reach in vain for the red button, the thing blessedly stopped. It was all I could do to get back up (in the three row deep treadmill section)and resume running. ugh...
vigilante vigilante 10 years
All right. I'll fess up. You know when you program the treadmill to run for a certain time, and it gives you a few minutes of cool down time? Well, it got so slow I thought it was done, and it wasn't. So I stopped moving, and the belt didn't, and it rolled me right off the end. And I fell face first in front of the entire bank of (populated) elliptical trainers. I'm so suave it hurts. Literally.
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