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Motivational Exercise Quote From Piloxing Founder

Motivational Monday Tip: Show Up and Go at Your Own Pace

Thinking of skipping your workout today? Try this motivational tip from Viveca Jensen, founder of the Pilates-boxing-dancing hybrid workout Piloxing (a Hilary Duff workout favorite), to get you going: "Don't stress about where you are in your fitness level — just show up and work at your own pace," she recently told us. "Don't think so much about 'What if I can't' and 'Maybe next year I'm gonna get fit [enough] to get into an exercise class.' Do it because you can. Anybody can do it at their level," says Viveca, whose 60-day Piloxing DVD system ($80) comes out next month. The DVD features three 50-minute cardio workouts and two 15-minute toning workouts a week, along with a nutritional guide — just in time for bikini season!

What gets you through your Monday workout?

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