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Move Fat From Your Booty to Your Breasts?

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, but some women are just not happy with what nature gave them, or how experience (read: breast feeding ) and age have affected their chest. Some women opt for breast implants if they feel the need to augment their natural shape, but there's also a controversial procedure available for those who want to add just a little volume. It's kind of a two-for-one procedure that goes like this: body fat is removed from areas where it is plentiful, such as the booty or thighs, via liposuction and injected into breast tissue.

Concerns that re-planted fat could harden and calcify, making mammograms difficult to read, led to a couple of studies to investigate the issue. To learn what the studies found and how effective the injection technique is,


One recent study found that no abnormalities appeared on mammograms, and it was actually easier to see breast tissue in breasts that were augmented with fat injections as compared to implants. Another study of 50 women, who had fat from their thighs injected into their breasts, found that the women's bust measurement only increased by a small amount. That means more injections would be needed in order to achieve the desired size, so overall, this procedure takes more time than surgical implants. The fat injection technique is pricier as well.


Add to the discussion the fact that doctors aren't sure how much fat is needed to enlarge breasts to the desired size. The fat needs to develop a blood supply and if it doesn't, it dies and goes away. If it does develop a blood supply, the only issue then is that when a woman gains weight, her breasts will grow, and if she loses weight, her breasts will shrink.

The bottom line is that although this procedure seems like a dream come true, it's expensive, time-consuming, and may not provide expected results. Maybe don't mess with Mother Nature, but invest in a good bra?

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Join The Conversation
Michael2456549 Michael2456549 5 years
This seems to me to be the proceedure of the future when there is enough research done to make it permanent., This compared to the crude process of implanting is MUCH  simpler and can be used anywhere on one's body in a simple quick proceedure. So far, there will need to be a number of steps to achieve large results but it's just a matter of more research to determine the methodology.  Does anyone know a facility that is working on this that one can invest in?
zeze zeze 7 years
is there a way to just kill the blood supply to the fat already in us and make it go away?! Aside from cardio, that is.
jkat jkat 7 years
I think this is very intriguing. It is definitely not something I would rule out. Is this procedure entirely new, or has it been used in other countries for years (like most other "new" cosmetic procedures in the US?
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
That would be kind of awesome. I have a lot of booty, but not a whole lot up top.
divinedebris divinedebris 7 years
This is interesting to me but I would like to see more time put into results and long term effects before I go jumping into this. I've been considering breast implants for a while, just because I'd like to feel better proportioned and look better and this seems to me a safer alternative to implants but not just yet. For now I will stick with a bra that enhances. :D
vanillabean vanillabean 7 years
I saw a show where they took the fat from a woman's midsection and injected into her bum (she was flat and wanted the J-Lo look). And I was wondering when they would start injecting it into breasts rather than using implants. Still weird science to me. And I'm not a fan of mandatory surgery, let alone elective!
Spectra Spectra 7 years
Sounds like a good bra would probably be a better option. Glad I'm not planning on having kids; I kind of like my boobs the way they are.
Pistil Pistil 7 years
Obviously, Anonymous. Too bad I don't have enough curves to transfer anywhere. Off topic: that's a lovely tattoo.
sourcherry sourcherry 7 years
It probably has much more natural results than implants, and it sounds safer as well, so I guess its a great option for those considering plastic surgery.
syako syako 7 years
ugh stay on topic :please:
anna_muffin anna_muffin 7 years
I hope they will perfect this technique by the time having kids ruins my body.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 7 years
I agree -- get a good bra.
MsTwirlySkirts MsTwirlySkirts 7 years
small price to pay for the miracle of life:)
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