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Move It: Full Sit Up with Bridge

In a recent poll, I asked you all if your summer fitness goal is to have flat abs or a toned tush. Now, while the majority voted for flat abs I thought I'd share this exercise with you all that works both areas of concern. It's a full sit-up/bridge combo and it works your backs side and your torso splendidly.

Start with a basic bridge.
On an exhale, push your pelvis up. Keep your back straight and in neutral spine — imagine your abs and back muscles sandwiching your spine.

  • You will feel your hamstrings and glutes work.
  • If you want to work your inner thighs a bit, place something between your knees (like a pillow) and hold it there for the duration of the series.
  • Lower your pelvis down to the ground as you inhale. As your pelvis lowers, bring your arms up.

Next, do a full sit up.

Exhale and roll all the way up to sitting with your hands behind your head. You put your hands behind so you can't jerk yourself up by swinging your arms up.

  • Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.
  • Focus on pulling your deep abs to your spine as your roll up. Work the abs not the hip flexors.

Roll down and onto your back.
Inhale generously into your back as you roll down, keeping the navel pulled to the spine.

  • Focus on hollowing out your abs even though you are moving quickly, move with control.
  • Get ready to bring your hands to your sides as bridge up again.

That completes one set.

Aim to to do 20 reps, but remember quality is more important than quality and speed. Do not fling your self up and down, use your abs and focus on control.

Fit's tip: If I were my trainer, I would definitely stick a small pillow between my knees. Work to keep your legs truly parallel through out this exercise, it is much better form.

inlove23 inlove23 7 years
I love these! =) Thanks fitsugar!
bizzybee bizzybee 10 years
I'm always looking for new things to try. Helps me stay interested in exercising. Will definitely give this a try.
AucuneRancune AucuneRancune 10 years
I answered 'both' so this is fantastic!
SU3 SU3 10 years
Alright. I'm definitely adding this into my routine. Thanks for posting... and by adding that small pillow, I really felt it!
mollipop mollipop 10 years
I love that this can kill two birds with one stone! I need to start doing these pronto.
Stephanym Stephanym 10 years
Im pretty happy with my butt however the 1st excercise shown rocks and makes any bum or thighs look amazing!
DesignRchic DesignRchic 10 years
Thanks for remembering FIT!!! If you want to challenge yourself on that first exercise, use an exercise ball and place your feet on it as you do the bridge move. :)
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