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The Bar Method is a great way to sculpt your body without lifting weights. Since it is quick paced you get a bit of an aerobic workout too. The class locations are limited to California and Connecticut, so for everyone else there are DVDs.

The Bar Method Body - Fat Free DVD is a 40-ish minute work out that really challenges your muscles with simple, small motions. It is called The Bar Method since you need to hold onto something while performing some of the exercises - kind of like holding a ballet barre. The name makes sense since Burr Leonard, founder of The Bar Method Studios, modified the routine of Lotte Burke, an English ballerina. Leonard herself leads you through the class and she is a walking testimonial as she is in her late 50s and still looking fabulous. Oddly enough she reminds me of Kitty from That 70s Show which is entertaining in and of itself.

The exercises are rather simple and there are many repetitions of each one so you get the hang of it quickly. Keep your remote close by, because on the 3rd or 4th viewing you are going to want to fast forward through the descriptions. The routine focuses on the back side - really working the booty and the hamstrings and the abdominal work is great too. There is also a lot of luxurious stretching.

I like that Leonard tells you to use simple household items like a chair or a throw pillow and there is no agenda to sell you props.

If you want to try it before you buy it, then put it on your NetFlix queue or just purchase it here for $18.99.

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