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Move It at Home: Pilates Intermediate Mat Workout by Gaiam

For those times when you can't make it to class a DVD at home is better than nothing at all. While nothing can really replace the touch of a live teacher, the Pilates Intermediate Mat Workout by Gaiam is a pretty good substitute.

As you can surely tell by the name, this DVD is not meant for the beginner. This is a solidly intermediate workout that builds on the material taught in the Pilates Beginning DVD. Ana Caban teaches the class and she provides clear instructions and cues throughout the exercise. Modifications are shown by another "exerciser" although not as with much frequency as the beginning level DVD.

These intermediate variations are more intense and the pace a bit more challenging. Geared to the intermediate level student the exercises flow into one another and are not bogged down with a lot of instruction (another reason why this is not a good DVD for beginners). The workout runs about 40 minutes, with a 13 minute bonus Energy Boost Workout which is short but intense and targets the abs in a great way. The scenery alone will energize you - it is filmed on location at a tropical beach.

Buy the DVD for $15 from Amazon.

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lintacious lintacious 10 years
really, that seems to be the difference between 'advanced' and 'beginner' level pilates classes. in the beginner, the instructor focuses you to always align yourself and scoop your abs. in the intermediate, they assume you will just do these things yourself.
nikolem2 nikolem2 10 years
I used to have this DVD (recently sold it) and was not impressed. I don't think that Ana Caban is the greatest instructor, as she barely talks about form, alignment, or control. I also don't feel that the exercises on this title are challenging compared to other "beginner" ones, but I guess you could say that since she barely talks about form and other principles, that you'd have to be experienced enough to know how to do everything correctly on your own.
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