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Move it at Home: Power Yoga - Total Body

Yoga DVDs are a great option when you can't make it to a class. They're great to do anytime of the day, and you really can't have enough in your home library. I am always on the lookout for good ones, especially from well-known instructors.

I came across this video from Gaiam featuring Rodney Yee called Power Yoga - Total Body. The introduction was sweet and inspirational - it talked about the purpose of your yoga practice, and how to make it as spiritual as it is physical.

The workout part of the video is 60 minutes long, so you can do as much as you have time for. The actual practice starts off slow and steady, focusing on matching your inhales and exhales with your movements. As the practice continues, Rodney begins with basic poses and gradually builds to make the practice deeper. His voice is so deep and calming, that I never felt rushed, and the gorgeous Hawaiian coastline left me feeling light and happy.

This video is in Vinyasa format, so it includes a lovely sequence of yoga postures that flow into one another, like a dance. The class incorporates a beautiful balance of forward bends, backbends, twists and arm balancing poses for a total body workout.

It's really easy to follow along because it's just him on a gorgeous mountain, with no other distractions. His instructions are simple, so this video is great for beginners. It's also great for people who have been practicing yoga a while, because if you can't make it to a class, this video will work your entire body, leaving your muscles stretched and your mind calm. Get it through Amazon for only $8.99.

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HipMom HipMom 9 years
I know Rodney Yee is very popular but for some reason I just don't like his style (instructor likes and dislikes are just as personal at exercise tastes!!). For those who want a nice yoga workout but want to try something else, I really love Baron Baptiste and Bryan Kest. I just got some Rainbeau Mars DVDs and they look great too.
ditorres ditorres 10 years
anyone interested in a good power yoga workout should check out mark blanchard's dvds. his sedona experience dvd set is the ultimate. it's what i do when i can't get to his yoga studio
BeeMoney BeeMoney 10 years
I have this DVD too and I love it. I bought Budakon 3 weeks ago (it is yoga, martial arts, and meditation)and it is now my new favorite. Once I got familiar with it, I do the faster version (less commentary) and in 28 minutes I nearly sweat to death, and the squat kicks have already made a big difference in my hips and butt.
Renees3 Renees3 10 years
Rodney Yi rules. I love this guy!! I don't thnk this is the DVD I have of his, but I have one and its' awesome
AMP AMP 10 years
This is the one yoga dvd I own and I think its a really good work out. I love it.
purplebaltogirl purplebaltogirl 10 years
i have this and i really like it. i feel the same after doing this DVD that i do after going to a class.
Jamee-Ro Jamee-Ro 10 years
I have this DVD too, and it's FANTASTIC! I'm always looking for power yoga DVDs so I can actually get a good workout, and this is exactly that. I sweat my butt off (right in front of my air conditioner, no less) every time!
purrtykitty purrtykitty 10 years
i've had this DVD for a few years and it's absolutely wonderful. i always get a good workout...i feel so invigorated afterward!
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