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Move It at Home: Rock Your Body with Jamie King

Want to dance like Madonna, Britney and Rhiana? Want to get a workout while you do learn their cool moves? With the new DVD Rock Your Body with Jamie King you can learn hip hop in the comfort and safety of your own home. And you will have fun doing it! I certainly did.

The DVD runs about an hour and keeps you moving at a comfortable pace for the entire 60 minutes. The workout is broken down into six main sections: a warm-up, rehearsal 1, rehearsal 2, dress rehearsal (where you put the moves in from rehearsal 1 and rehearsal together slowly), the performance (where you put the two sections together more quickly in front of an "audience"), and a brief cool down.

Taught like a hip hop class, the moves are presented in 8 count segments and broken down step by step. You then have a chance to perfect the moves working at half tempo (half as quick as the bear of the music) before repeating the moves at tempo 4 times. Changing from half-time to tempo can be a bit challenging, but it keeps you thoroughly engaged in the workout and time flies.

I found that dancing without a mirror (who has a huge mirror in TV room?), it was easy to imagine that I looked as hot as Jamie and his back dancers while attempting the hip hop inspired moves. There is no need to prefect the steps on the first go around, since you can use the DVD over and over again without getting bored. Jamie King is also really encouraging, without being sappy, that you look forward to working out with him. Madonna is lucky she has such a cool choreographer to work with.

Now, if you do not like dance workouts, this DVD is not for you. It is all dance moves - no crunches or push-ups tacked on at the end. I did burn just over 300 calories (yes, I wore my heart rate monitor) and was able to dance the moves in my tiny living room. I had fun.

You can pick up a copy of "Rock Your Body" for $17.99 from Amazon.
Or add the DVD to your Netflix queue.

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