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Move It at Home: Shiva Rea — Radiant Heart Yoga

There are many yoga DVDs out there, and I'm definitely a fan of the ones made by Shiva Rea. She has such a calm and mesmerizing voice that guides you into a state of tranquility. Her videos are shot in breathtaking scenery accompanied by beautiful, melodic music. Plus, they're great for both beginners and advanced yogis who want to deepen their yoga practice to more than just a physical experience.

I just picked up her latest DVD, called Radiant Heart Yoga ($15). There are three parts to this video, the first of which is called Prayer Wheel. It's eight minutes of slow and deliberate repeated movements that get you in touch with your heart center, which helps bring your awareness to the powerful energy within you.

Rea then moves on to the second part, Heart Salutation, which begins with gentle poses that open the spine, hips, and hamstrings, and then moves on to to deeper stretches like backbends and twists. She encourages you to flow through your movements naturally and open through the chest. I love how she'll show you a pose, and then give intermediate variations if you want to take the pose further.

The third and final section, Energizing Heart Movement Mediation, is a three-minute sequence of movements meant to rid your rib cage of built-up stagnant energy.

I really liked this DVD, because not only did the sequence of postures stretch and strengthen my body, but I also loved how the poses were focused on opening the heart center. The experience is much more spiritual than physical, and by the end I felt centered, light, and full of love.

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