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Many of you have questioned whether or not an at home work out is equivalent to a work out at the gym or outside.

The answer is yes! You can absolutely work out at home, you just have to do it. The main issue with working out at home is that there are so many distractions (the tv, the kids, the husband, the couch...) that can lure you away from working out to your fullest potential. But if you are the disciplined type, an at home work out can be a great way to get that toned body you've been wanting.

One of the best parts about working out at home is that you can get a very rounded routine without the costs of the gym. Yoga one day, pilates another and kickboxing another... the options are endless. If you're not into laying on the sweaty mats at the gym, do your ab work at home -- just make sure you actually do it and that you actually do it well.

Fit's Tip: Be sure to find something you can really do correctly. If you get a video or a piece of equipment that is above your difficulty level you run the risk of giving up or injuring yourself. If you like to do the work outs on tv, make sure it is up to par with your difficulty level since most of those (with the exception of FITtv) are aimed at an older, couch potato audience.

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