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My buddy Yum just told me that Krispy Kreme is now making a multi-grain doughnut. Their whole wheat doughnut must be so popular that they decided to get in the multi-grain game too.

I just want to remind you all again that multi-grain really just means that more than one kind of grain was used to make the product. While it might seem like a healthier option, it generally isn't and this multi-grain doughnut is a case in point. Krispy Kreme has loaded their new multi-grain doughnut with more than just two grains, but enriched bleached white flour tops the list of ingredients. The doughnut also contains among other ingredients: bulgar wheat, coarse red wheat bran, rye flakes, rolled oats, corn grits and soy grits. With all those different grains the doughnut has only 1 gram of fiber!!!

Want to see how the multi-grain doughnut compares with a Krispy Kreme original? Then

One Doughnut Calories Fat (g) Fiber (g) Carbs (g) Sugar (g)
Multi-Grain 240 13 1 29 14
Glazed Original 200 12 0.5 22 10

See what I mean? Personally, I would just avoid doughnuts all together, but if you find yourself at the Krispy Kreme counter don't order the multi-grain because you think it is better for you.


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