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Multitask: Drinking More Water During the Day

I've recently discovered that by adding one healthy practice for myself, I am actually adding two healthy practices.

It's not rocket-science, I know, but I have realized that drinking more water throughout the day does more than just keep me hydrated. Drinking more water also enables me to take more steps throughout the day. How you ask? Well, the more water I drink, the more I have to actually get up from my desk (gasp, I know) and walk to the bathroom. An added bonus: In our office the bathrooms are on another floor entirely, which means I end up taking the stairs. After a few extra trips to the bathroom I've gotten a few extra hundred steps closer to reaching my goal of 10,000 steps per day. I am not saying drown yourself in water, since drinking too much water can lead to water toxicity. However, if you're only going to the bathroom once or twice a day, chances are you're not drinking enough water. Check out Fit's Calculator to see how much water you should be drinking.


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