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Mumps Making a Comeback

Most American children are vaccinated for the mumps when they are little with a two-shot series for measles-mumps-rubella. Unfortunately, that vaccine may not be cutting it, because so far 6,600 people (many of whom did receive the vaccine when they were children) have come down with a case of the mumps. For some reason, it's hitting college students the most, ages 18 to 24. This disease is spread through respiratory secretions and saliva, explaining why it seems to be targeting college students, since they share drinks, utensils, and (sorry Mother, but it is true) are experimenting sexually. Mumps can cause a whole slew of long term health problems like deafness, viral meningitis, and testicle inflammation, which can cause sterility.

This mumps virus is a relatively new strain, and it's believed to be spread by travelers or students from the United Kingdom. The mumps vaccine is voluntary there, and since many countries don't vaccinate against mumps at all, it's likely that an epidemic could arise in the future. Doctors are considering if a third dose of the vaccine may be necessary, but only for college students, since not everyone is at risk.


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aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
Spectra Spectra 9 years
I got my MMR booster before I left the country to go to Central America just for "insurance" in case I encountered sick kids down there. So I'm not horribly worried that I'll get it, but it's scary that it's making a comeback. I've also heard that there's been a recent measles outbreak as well. My dad told me that back in the day, almost all kids had measles and mumps once in their was like having the chicken pox; parents kind of expected their kids to get it once and then never have to deal with it again. Now with the chicken pox vaccine, most kids now don't get it either.
wackdoodle wackdoodle 9 years
The reason why Mumps and other previously controlled communicable diseases are making a comeback is two fold possibly three fold. First, many parents got their children their first and second immunizations when they were infants because they really didn't have a choice but the parents didn't follow up with the required BOOSTER SHOTS according to schedule. BOOSTER SHOTS are necessary even if you were immunized as an infant because the viruses change slightly and your body grows and some people's bodies do not accept the first or second vaccination. I may be the only Sugar who still gets booster shots and I am 36, I do so because with so many members of my family in the medical profession as doctors and nurses - I have to hear about patients that show up in the ER dying because the caught Whooping Cough from their 4 year old and didn't think it was that serious. Second reason for the return of these disease the "autism/vaccine" paranoia leading many parents to skip immunizations altogether. Herd immunity works to protect these un-immunized individuals only if their numbers don't increase beyond a relative small number and they stay with herd of vaccinated people. However, those parents who don't vaccinate are usually really free thinking individuals who may not necessarily choose to associate with people who conform to societies rules. So those parents venture out to find like-minded parents who also didn't vaccinate their children. Then you have a cluster of children who are not vaccinated and also not exposed to a wide range of people (who may not have been so health conscious as their families) until they venture off to college and meet people from all other the world and BOOM - their brief exposure to something that a vaccinated child would normally not catch becomes a harbored virus which mutates and is spread to the vaccinate and unvaccinated people or they develop the full fledged old-school version of the communicable disease. Third possible reason for the redux - smarter viruses. Many of the viruses are dormant-viruses and also exist in our other mammal friends. All the while these virus are in our world mutating and trying to break through the barrier of our immune systems and occasionally they find the right code to do so. Smart viruses.
rpenner rpenner 9 years
Yikes! This is not good news
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
Yea my sister got it while I was in Europe...
duffster1979 duffster1979 9 years
I'm in University in Canada and we had a wide vaccination clinic put on by public health. Also reminded me that I needed a my tetanus vaccine, we usually have our last one when we are 16 and then you're supposed to have it every 10th year, but most people forget.
Bettyesque Bettyesque 9 years
:oy: another thing to worry about.
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