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Must-Have Fitness Gear: Lucy Activewear, Vibram Five Fingers, and More

A Reader's Fitness Must Haves For 2011

FitSugar reader mandaleebee shared her fitness must haves for the ninth challenge of our Get Fit For 2011 giveaway, and you should, too!

I am a sucker for buying new fitness and beauty products on a whim. One of my impulse buys last year were my Vibram FiveFingers Sprints; I love them. I can't wait for it to get just a tad warmer so I can start running in them again with my pup! I also would like a good fitness watch so I can push myself during my runs (running has never really been my thing, but I am determined to get into it).

My new 2011 fitness obsession is boxing and kickboxing at LABoxing (and I do mean obsession), so I am all about new boxing and kickboxing fitness gear!  Because of all of the cardio circuits and ab workouts during the kickboxing and boxing circuits, shorts are out (I don't want to flash the person at the bag across from me, now do I?) and yoga pants are in. I try to kickbox a minimum of three times a week, so I am in dire need of more capri workout pants. These Lucy Perfect Core Knee Pants would be perfect! They hug your core, reminding you to keep it engaged. The Lucy Propel Knee Pant would also be great, providing breathability during the hard workouts and would also be good for nighttime running because of its reflective piping. Also from Lucy, these Run Power Headbands were a great investment to keep my bangs and sweat out of my face during workouts. I'm also sort of obsessed with collecting different hand wraps — I currently have pink and black, so now I need yellow, red, blue, orange, camo and more!

Be sure to share your fitness must haves in our Get Fit For 2011 group to enter our weekly giveaway of a $100 Nike gift card and a chance to win our grand prize — a four-day fitness boot camp in LA, which includes a nutritional consultation with the C&J Nutrition team!

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Shauna2534104 Shauna2534104 5 years
I just ordered my second pair of Vibram Five Fingers (and are actually the exact ones pictured) I just adore them. (They're on sale at REI right now!)
gsteinum gsteinum 5 years
Fingered shoes!! Woohooo! The epitome of less for more. Do not have to have it. No accounting for taste. I wonder who works for this company.
bjeanne18 bjeanne18 6 years
haha I love that you want every color of hand wraps!!
kclulu kclulu 6 years
I love my Vibrams. I currently have two pairs but they have so many different colors and styles that I wish I could have them all. I recently had to go back to my regular running shoes for one run because I didn't have my vibrams and it just felt wrong. I am a convert. I have to try those headbands too!
mandaleebee mandaleebee 6 years
Woohoo, thanks so much for featuring my must-haves! :)
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