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Must Have This Summer: Sun Protection Wipes

Unless it is a child, it is always funny to me when someone refuses to wear sunscreen because of the way it feels on their skin, since I am sure skin cancer and wrinkles feel much worse.

The clever folks over at Shady Day have realized this problem and have created Daily Sun Protection Wipes that offer broad spectrum UV protection (avobenzone) with no artificial ingredients or synthetic fragrances. These convenient little pre-moistened sunscreen wipes are designed for the entire body with an absorbent formula leaving the skin feeling dry and smooth (i.e. great for kids and everyone else who hates the greasy feel of sunscreen on their skin). Along with the sun protection they have added antioxidant protection, with vitamins E and A, mango fruit extract, cactus flower extract and organic Aloe Vera. This means they smell really nice as well, and while I love the smell of coconut just as much as the next guy, the scent doesn't always work for daily use. What's more? The line also has just been updated with a new formulation that is water resistant and paraben free, making it great for families with kids, for outdoor exercisers or for anyone looking for protection from the sun.

I desperately wish I had these on my last trip to Hawaii, the one where my sunscreen exploded in my suitcase leaving me to pay $20 a shirt to get all my belongings laundered at the hotel. What's even better is that if you're like my husband, and despise checking-in a bag on the airplane, these wipes are one of the only sunscreen products that you can carry-on on an airplane, given fun liquid limitations and all. How cool is that?

Buy some directly from (a pack of 5 individual wipes cost $10.00 and a pack of 15 wipes cost $14.00).

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six45pm six45pm 10 years
Isn't the time and aggravation saved worth it? I swear by Shady Day, it's perfect for mornings when I have no time. I love that it's all natural and moisturizes my skin while protecting it. We should all be more aware about the dangers of the sun! With Shady Day you can be smart AND time-efficient. This is something you can't really put a price on!
bizymommy77 bizymommy77 10 years
These wipes are great!!! They smell great and don't feel greasy. I can apply them on myself and my kids in all the tough spots (ears, neck, nose). I also think they are economical considering how most other sunscreens break and spill in my bags and cost about the same. So I have to throw them away and hope it did not detroy the other contents in my bag, like food, clothes. As for expensive I think they are priced right based on the ease of use they provide. I rather pay more money for something that I will actually use, than a little less for something that stays in the closet. Anyone with kids will understand me. Shady Day also sells individual wipes that I stuff in my husbands golf bag. Great article...
JessBear JessBear 10 years
A great idea, but soooo not economical. It also seems wasteful- so much more to throw away than a tube of sunscreen. But it'd be nice to have in the car for those times when you forget sunscreen, or for a midday refresher, since sunscreen won't last all day.
menthadict menthadict 10 years
So cute
Fusion-Heat Fusion-Heat 10 years
WAAAAAY expensive
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