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Must-Pack Items to Stay Healthy on Vacation

Don't Forget to Pack These Healthy Items Before Your Vacation

Summer travels are almost here, and that means packing up your sandals and your beach bag and traveling. But there are many vacation prep to-dos before you can say bon voyage, and it's not all about booking hotel rooms and buying plane tickets. As usual, your health should be a top priority no matter if you're at home or traveling the world, so taking care to prepare before your trip will make it easy to stay healthy and fit. Don't forget to take these items with you before you board the plane!

  • Over-the-counter medication. Sometimes minor cuts, sore muscles, or colds happen, so these are always good to have on hand in case you need them. They are also important if you are traveling overseas to an unfamiliar country— you don't want to have to decipher a foreign language when you're trying to find the right medicine to take care of a headache.
  • Exercise equipment. There's nothing worse then wanting to go for a run or a dip in the hotel pool and realizing you didn't bring the right gear for your time away from home. Pack a few things before you leave so you can quickly work out without hunting for replacements once you arrive. Exercise equipment doesn't have to take up too much space in your suitcase — throw in some lightweight shoes, a jump rope, or other compact items and you've got your workouts covered.

Read on for more healthy items to pack after the break!

  • Healthy snacks. Seeing the sights and learning about different cultures can equal lots of time spent on a plane or in the airport. Pack a few healthy snacks in your carry-on so you can snack happy while waiting for your plane. Travel-friendly items like trail mix and fruit can help cut hunger before you reach for a salty or carb-filled snack, and being prepared when you're on a restricted diet helps ensure you won't go hungry. Also, some airlines have healthier options available while in flight, so make sure you read all ingredients in order to make a healthy choice — check out our guide to see how different airplane meal options compare.
  • Sunscreen. Even if you're not going to a tropical paradise, you'll probably be spending a lot of time sight-seeing. Remember to protect your skin with at least an SPF 15 sunscreen, even on cloudy or overcast days. Packing sunscreen before you go means you don't have to search for your favorite brand once there or pay for an overpriced tube at the hotel's gift shop.
  • Emergency and insurance information. Before you leave, don't forget to make sure your insurance covers you for any international travel (and buy supplemental insurance if not). Make a copy of all the important information filed away at home so you have everything you need with you in case of an emergency; you'll be glad you have phone numbers and policy information close at hand so you can make the best decisions.
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Gado-Gado-Gal Gado-Gado-Gal 5 years
I'm a frequent traveler for work, and I manage to stay illness-free and continue to exercise with: ginger tea (beats nausea, inflammation, indigestion, headaches), grapefruit seed oil (a few drops in water can be drunk after meals to prevent diarrhea, swabbed on cuts, substituted for mouthwash), yoga mat (to put something between me and the hotel floor) and short-on-time exercise DVDs because I always have my laptop (JM's 30-Day Shred or Zumba Rush more likely do because are under 30 minutes). I also bring the exact number of supplement pills for days of the trip. If I'm traveling from the US, I grab a Cherry Pie Lära Bar for the flight - sweet, simple ingredients and so delicious - love those things!
cheyn1 cheyn1 6 years
I always pack Airborne or Emergen-Cs to drink at the hotel. And a small "first aid kit" with tylenol, melatonin, tums, excedrin, honey sticks and both peppermint tea and sleepy time tea. All of this goes in a sandwich bag and I am good to go.
Susannah-Chen Susannah-Chen 6 years
I always pack running shoes, my iPod, a resistance band or two, and a water bottle. The problem is mustering up the motivation to actually make use of them while on vacation! ;-)
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