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My Breasts are Lumpy

I have a distinct memory of sitting in my high-school sex ed class, learning about self-breast exams. That night, in the privacy of my own room, I felt around and was in shock. My breasts were full of tiny little bean size lumps. I was convinced I had breast cancer.

But later, I found out that normal and healthy women's breasts are lumpy. And the lumps can change with your monthly cycle as your hormones naturally fluctuate.

What a relief. Overall lumpiness is normal.

But, the thing is some lumps can be bad news. So how can you tell?

You've got to work it into your schedule and do self-breast exams throughout the month. Become familiar with the shape, texture, and consistency of your own breasts.

Here's the rule of thumb. If you feel a lump that feels different from those around it, don't freak out just yet. Wait it out through 1 or 2 menstrual cycles. If it doesn't change, or gets bigger, definitely get it checked out.

Check out this commercial urging you to perform monthly breast exams.

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karmasabitch karmasabitch 10 years
Good blog, Fit!
cgmaetc cgmaetc 10 years
My dr. recently told me the same thing: I've got lumpy (fibrous) and dense (thick) breasts. She had a some silicone implants that resembled the texture of my breasts, one normal and one with lumps, and showed me what a "real" lump felt like. As weird as it was to be feeling on some fake boobies, I admit I was a little relived! -the ceeg
scratch5 scratch5 10 years
Tha video is too funny. ANd thatns for the reminder. I keep hearing in the news that healthy providers sdon't think it helps. But my friend that unfortunaltey had breat cancer all found the lumps themselves and they have all survived!!!!!
Linda-McP Linda-McP 10 years
I think we all fear the worst and because of that we "forget" to do this all important monthly check. Thanks for the reminder, Fit, and for the reassurance that we're likely to be normal.
Butrfly4404 Butrfly4404 10 years
Haha! I remember thinking the same thing! I'm one of *those people* who is convinced of worst-case senario about EVERYTHING. Thought my boobs were FULL of cancer!
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