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My Mo Mochi Ice Cream Review

Dairy-Free Mochi Ice Cream Is Very Real — Here's How the 4 Different Flavors Taste

Everybody loves ice cream, and we're pretty sure everybody loves mochi ice cream just as much. But if you're allergic to dairy, lactose-intolerant, or vegan, not all mochi suits you. Luckily, dairy-free mochi exists, thanks to My/Mo Mochi. In addition to the many regular mochi flavors that exist, My/Mo also makes four dairy-free flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Salted Caramel.

But the million dollar question is, how does this dairy-free mochi taste? We put all four flavors to the test at the POPSUGAR office in San Francisco, and here's what we found out.


You can't go really wrong with the classic flavor of chocolate. It certainly didn't disappoint, but it wasn't exactly everyone's favorite.

  • "Really good! Tastes like it's dairy-free."
  • "2 thumbs up!"
  • "Good for being 'healthy' chocolate."
  • "Really good. Good flavor and good texture."


This one brought in a lot of raving reviews. Something about the strawberry flavor got people really excited.

  • "So good!! My fave."
  • "Tastes like real strawberries."
  • "Good but too sweet."
  • "Wish it was a bit more strawberry . . . but good!"
  • "Very good!! Chewy!!"
  • "Strawberry is so good!"


There's nothing boring about vanilla when it's done right. Here's what people thought.

  • "Yummy yummy mochi in my tummy."
  • "No flavor . . ."
  • "I wouldn't buy it but I'd enjoy it if it were given to me."
  • "Mochi great. Ice cream is meh."
  • "Love the mochi, but tastes like fake vanilla."

Salted Caramel

We were most excited to try this flavor because, well, who doesn't love salted caramel? The reviews were mixed, though.

  • "Super delicious. Love it!"
  • "This is sooo good!"
  • My least fave. Caramel tasted off."
  • "Caramel flavor is a bit strange."
  • "Yummy and creamy."
  • "Too sweet, getting the twitches."
  • "DELISH! Would definitely purchase."

Image Source: Gina Florio
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