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My SOYJOY Bars Arrived!!!

Do you remember a little while back I told you about SOYJOY bars. If you gave them your address, they promised to send you 3 free bars.

As exciting as it was to get free treats in the mail, I'm sorry to say these bars are pretty gross. They look homemade which is cool, but they tasted more like cookies gone bad.

First of all, they smelled kind of funky, like the health food stores my gramma dragged me to as a child. When I opened them, they looked dark and brick-like. When I tried all 3 flavors they sent me - Raisin Almond, Berry, and Apple - all 3 of them tasted pretty much the same - yucky!

They were really dense, dry, and truthfully, it weirded me out that "frozen eggs" was listed in the ingredients. Butter was also listed, but I sure didn't taste it.

Looking at the label, they do have 240mg of potassium, 3g of fiber, 4% of your daily iron intake, and 4g of protein from the soy. That's impressive for a tiny 130 calorie bar.

Tell Me: Have any of you ever tried a SOYJOY bar? Did you send away for your free bars? What did you think?

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