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My Spring Equinox Fitness Challenge

I have been working out with Hannah, a trainer at Equinox Fitness, as part of my Spring fitness challenge. Strength training under her eagle eye has been wonderfully intense. One thing I have noticed is that Hannah consistently hands me dumbbells of a higher weight than I would choose myself. Although the weight is challenging, I can do it and my muscles feel worked by the last rep. She believes that most women choose weights that are too light. Weight training is a great workout and important to both health and weight loss, but don't shortchange yourself. Five-pound weights are not appropriate for all exercises. Next time you work out, choose the next weight up. If you have been using 10-pounders for your biceps curls, try a 12.5-pound dumbbell. You need to challenge your muscles with more weight than they can handle in order for them to grow stronger — weight lifting is a mental game, too! So psych yourself up and challenge your strength.


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SunnyMutt SunnyMutt 8 years
I agree that the expense of buying heavier weights is an issue. I looked into adjustable dumbbells so that I could adjust them as I strengthen and ouch! It's almost cheaper just to keep buying a regular set at every 3-5lb interval. I appreciate the encouragement to not get lax with the weights though! Going the easy route is always tempting.
imLissy imLissy 8 years
Unfortunately the heaviest weights I own are 10 pounds. It gets expensive buying heavier weights.
syako syako 8 years
I still don't want a personal trainer (don't trust them) BUT, I will take your advice Fit and push myself to pick higher weights. Thanks!
hippiecowgirl hippiecowgirl 8 years
Excellent tip. I'm guilty of playing it safe far too often.
run-dmz run-dmz 8 years
This is one of the best reasons to consider a personal trainer if you can afford the time and money. I too tend to go easy on the weights...just because I can. Trainers not only raise the accountability level, but in many cases they prevent us from hurting ourselves.
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