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My Spring Equinox Fitness Challenge: Swim Test

At the beginning of Spring I decided to set some fitness goals and to meet them I worked out with a trainer from Equinox Fitness. Having a trainer push you to work beyond what you think you can do is a wonderful way to work out. I learned a lot and hope I can continue to push myself.

My main goal was to improve my swimming, and lucky for me my trainer Hannah swam competitively in college —  she even trained Tammy Jih winner of The Amazing Race.

Today, for my last session we timed my 300-yard swim and I shaved 32 seconds off my time. I was so pleased. I have also decreased the number of strokes to swim the length of the 25-yard pool; it was 30 when I started "swim lessons" well over a month ago, and I now use 25. See why this is important when you


Using fewer strokes to cross the pool means you are swimming more effectively and efficiently — pulling/pushing more water with each stroke means you're working harder and have built strength. Secondly, the fewer times you need to rotate your arms over your head means less wear and tear on your shoulder joints.

Have you set any fitness goals for the season?


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