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New York City is steadily becoming a healthier place to live for many reasons. Smoking was banned in most indoor work places and restaurants in 2003. Fast food chains and local restaurants ditched trans fat last year. They also have fruit and vegetable stands in both wealthy and low-income areas so folks can buy a healthy snack on the street instead of a hot dog. In 2007, eateries were also required to list calorie counts on their menu boards. To prevent the spread of HIV and other STIs, New York also gives away free condoms in public bathrooms. So it's no surprise that this hip city is doing more to keep its New Yorkers healthy by installing treadmills in subway stations. All that waiting around for the L Train can be time spent burning calories. It's a brilliant idea, really. To hear more about when you should start seeing them,


April Fools! Ha! It is a great idea though, isn't it? I guess if you want to exercise while waiting for the subway, you can always jog in place. Since it's New York City, people won't think you're crazy!


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