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Taking Therapy For a Walk

Often when I need to get some good thinking done, it really helps to take a walk. Something about getting out in the world helps clear my mind, and I get some exercise too. So I love this recent post from the New York Times City Room blog about a therapist who takes her patients on walks.

A social worker who is also a Pilates and yoga instructor, Karen Arthur offers psychotherapy sessions conducted over 50-minute "mindful" walks through the streets and parks of New York. Her patients include artists, trauma victims, and athletes, so it makes sense to combine the usual talk therapy with a walk too. For more details on her method,


According to the NYT story, at least three of Arthur's clients are already walking as well as talking in their therapy:

“We live in a very distracted world, with lots of excuses for not getting everything done, because it’s such an intense environment,” said Ms. Arthur, after slipping on her brown Nikes and heading west on 34th Street. “The point of power for change is in my present moment, and walking helps keep the client present-centered, even if we’re talking about stuff that happened in the past.”

I always feel less stressed out after exercise, so I think this is a great idea. I'd rather walk around and talk than just sit on a couch. What do you think about this idea? If you've ever been to a therapist, would you rather walk and talk?


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