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America's Unhealthiest City Gets Its Own Reality Show

Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver has slaughtered a chicken on television, reformed school lunch in England, and is now onto his next mission: shaping up America's "fattest and unhealthiest" city — Huntington, W. VA — for all the world to see on reality TV. Huntington was given the title of fattest city from an Associated Press article that ran last year. The AP culled data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to come up with its ranking.

Upset by the negative label, Huntington residents initially welcomed the chef into their city as an opportunity to prove to America they were not a slovenly bunch. However as filming progresses, some residents are voicing concerns that they will be misrepresented, and that the negative stereotype will be exploited for production value. Producers from the show say that the city will get a fair shake and that Oliver has clear intentions to help its residents live healthier and eat better. This remains to be seen until filming wraps up in November and the show airs.

Do you think that the premise of this show is exploitative or it will help instill healthy lifestyle changes in its participants and viewers?

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