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Nalgene to Stop Using PBA Chemical in Water Bottles

Nalgene Making Changes

Recently I wrote to just say no to Nalgene hard plastic water bottles, since they contain bisphenol A (BPA), which leaches into your water and can possibly cause all kinds of health problems. Nalgene has heard our cries. They just announced that they will start making their bottles without the controversial BPA. Of course, government scientists are only slightly concerned, and feel that there are no known risks to human health, but Nalgene isn't taking any chances. They decided to make the switch in response to consumer demand.

It will take several months for Nalgene to ditch the BPA from their "Outdoor" line of polycarbonate water bottles. Just so you know, they do make other reusable bottles that don't contain this questionable chemical. Look for their newly unveiled Everyday line. They're made out of Tritan copolyester, which is dishwasher safe and BPA free. Of course, if you have old Nalgene bottles, I'd think of some creative ways to reuse them – piggy bank?

joematlock1600 joematlock1600 9 years
In response to your question, first it depends on what chemical they use to replace BPA. Some chemicals being used and/or proposed cause other damages just a sever from chemical leaching. The safest resin is produced by PlastiPure in Austin Texas. It protects against all leaching of any kind, covering more than 5,000 chemicals. Go to for more information. Second, aluminum may protest against BPA, but it harms in other ways. Again, check the site listed above and contact them for more scientific details...or answers in laymen terms.
nikkipez nikkipez 9 years
are SIGG bottles safe? since they are aluminum Im assuming YES
Stravs-Firebird Stravs-Firebird 9 years
BPA is indeed a harmful chemical, and not at extremely high levels. When filled with hot water (or after sitting in the sun), or when it starts to get a little bit cloudy looking, BPA is leaching. The text of the full report is at the National Toxicology Program website, a part of the Natl Institutes of Health. It's really worth it to switch to a Kleen Kanteen or Sigg, or use HDPE. Especially important to avoid it for baby bottles, which are often heated. Any clear, glassy looking plastic is generally one with BPA. The milkier looking plastic is generally safer.
snarkypants snarkypants 9 years
sigg bottles are better anyway!
liz2024 liz2024 9 years
I just bought that bottle a week ago! The mouth hole is perfect for drinking!
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
This is great!!
joematlock1600 joematlock1600 9 years
Companies using plastic should convert to resin offered by PlastiPure which has been tested by CertiChem. These are the only companies, headquartered in Austin, that produce patented resin to protect the public against all (approximately 5,000) chemicals that leach and cause problems in humans. Second, do not rely on the FDA comments. They are outdated and unreliable for several reasons. First, they are heavily lobbied by the Plastics Industry that does not want to re-tool, and if forced to would rather fight the problem one chemical at a time versus re-tooling one time to address the entire problem (all 5,000 chemicals) once. The FDA is overwhelmed with issues related to the drug industry where most all of their attention is directed. The FDA is under funded and understaffed to address the problems associated with plastics properly. The FDA would prefer not to take on this important consumer problem until they are forced to do so by Congress or public outcry. However, the time is right to contact your Congress men and women, along with your Senators to address this problem now. Representative Dingle, Michigan, is trying to make this an issue. He needs public support and now is the time to let him, and others know, that the only resin on the market that addresses all the problems with plastic resin is with the resin available through PlastiPure. Look them up on the Internet at or www. For those that do not believe there is a problem with plastic please take a moment to research what is going on with legislation and regulations in the European Union (one chemical at a time thanks to the lobbying of the plastics industry), Canada, Japan, and 13 states within the good old USofA. In particular, note the recent class action suit filed in California against some producers of baby bottles, food containers, etc. The Filing of class action lawsuits, and the threat of litigation, is what is driving many of the companies using plastics to step up and take notice. It would be better to have legislation and regulations requiring the plastics industry to provide safe products for the public because they know such resins now exist through PlastiPure. Companies are wasting money and valuable time addressing one chemical at a time. Such companies' products will be tested by CertiChem, and other advocacy scientific groups, and proven that other harmful chemicals are still be leached into their products: bottles, cups, plastic milk containers, containers for lotions, hard and clear plastics of all sorts, the plastic linings in the canning industry...especially related to soft drinks and food products. In conclusion, one should begin writing and calling your Representatives in Congress and the Senate and demand protection. You should also copy Representative Dingle on all such correspondence. PlastiPure has the only patented resin on the market that addresses the entire problem.
stuka84 stuka84 9 years
What a stupid idea to use all the old bottles for something eles. The BPA hazard comes from when the bottle is made. What really hurts in environment is having a bottle in your house made from BPA that you have pennies and nickles in, and then drinking water out of something that is made out of some other chemicals which are only LESS deadly. Same people who crush their 5year old car for a hybrid and think they are king sh*t are the same people who toss 5 Nalgene bottles in the trash only to by 5 more , 'cleaner, safer' ones.
duuhhhh duuhhhh 9 years
If this is the only thing the world is worried about we should be so lucky! Firstly we should be nervous about the reading/proofing abilities especially at Yahoo, they would have us worrying about the wrong thing, an organization vs. a chemical (PBA VS. BPA). I am disappointed that these manufacturers will now start providing us with inferior quality materials because of an ignorant public.
gospelukkfur gospelukkfur 9 years
i usually put vodka in mine, so i think the alcohol (151 proof) should kill the harmful material
couggirl couggirl 9 years
nalgene has always and still does make products without BPA. and while concern about BPA has increased lately, the FDA has reported seeing no reason to regulate or ban the use of BPA for its intended use. We are all exposed to BPA on a regular basis. And CDC studies showed BPA traces in almost 95% of people tested. The evidence that stirred concern was found in lab rats exposed to HIGH doses... aka much more than we would ever be exposed to... so "possibly causing all kinds of health problems" is quite a stretch. but yes, good for nalgene, walmart and toys r'us for reponding to customer concern.
Spectra Spectra 9 years
I'm keeping mine until it breaks or cracks, because until then there is no danger of the BPA leeching out of it. I will buy a new BPA free one at that time, but I seriously don't abuse mine and do the things to it that cause the BPA to come out of it.
imsothrowinabf imsothrowinabf 9 years
Nalgene has HDPE water bottles that DO NOT leach any chemicals what so ever. They've had them for awhile. They aren't in all the fun colors and varities as their other bottles, but they DO offer a solution. The new bottles come in HDPE as well.
cereal_please cereal_please 9 years
..Or I'll continue drinking out of them. Instead of buying a whole new line of waterbottles, i'll wait until I hear more substantial evidence against them.
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