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Naomi Campbell Harper's Bazaar Interview

Naomi Campbell Feels Carbs Are a Treat

With the birth of the Atkins diet, carbs immediately got a bad reputation. It seems like everyone I know has gone on a carb-free diet at least once in their lives to lose weight, and even Naomi Campbell is no stranger to forgoing carbs. In the March issue of Harper's Bazaar, the 41-year-old model admits that she's blessed with a high metabolism, but she also exercises and watches her diet. Naomi works hard to maintain her famous model figure and says, "For me, carbs are a treat now."

I can see ditching refined carbs — foods made with white flour, like bagels, cookies, cakes, and pasta — since they have very little nutritional value. But whole grain bread and cereals, whole wheat pasta, and whole grains like quinoa and barley are super nutritious. These complex carbs contain protein to sustain energy levels and filling fiber to curb hunger, both of which can help you lose weight. However, there is definitely some validity to cutting carbs and losing weight. A recent study showed that cutting carbs twice a week was more effective than eating a low-calorie diet, so I can see why some women may choose to limit their carb intake in the name of weight loss. How do you feel about carbs?

Source: Karim Sadli for Harper’s Bazaar

BlackGym BlackGym 5 years
Depends on the person! I eat carbs all the time but workout 3 days a week for 2 hours. Moderation is key and I have the best abs. I don't eat pork and love pasta/bread.
As people here have pointed out, low carb diets are not sustainable. Just like a low protein diet would be unsustainable. You need carbs to live. Carbs, even complex carbs are calorie dense. So when you cut them out or down you will lose weight. But you have to eat them so when you do, eventually the weight will come back.
julesk84 julesk84 5 years
I eat carbs, but pretty much just from vegetables and some fruit. SInce I very rarely eat grains and try to watch the sugar, I end up eating fairly low-carb. Been eating this way about a year and a half; keeps me healthy and keeps my weight in check without having to weigh/measure/count anything.
SamFinch SamFinch 5 years
From what I've seen low carb diets only lead to temporary weight loss. Everyone I know that tries it drops a ton of weight, levels out and stops losing, and the goes off the diet and gains it all back.
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 5 years
I watch calories, but I'm a vegetarian so a low carb diet would be really impractical for me. i've seen people lose a lot of weight on these diets, but every one of them has put it back on.
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