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Naomi Watts's Secret to Losing the Baby Weight

Naomi Watts's Secret to Losing the Baby Weight

It amazes me how celebs like Tori Spelling, Jessica Alba, and Christina Aguilera have slimmed down so quickly after having their babies. Another new mom, Naomi Watts, can join that list too. The 40-year-old actress is already close to her pre-baby figure since giving birth to her second just about a month ago. She owes it all to breastfeeding. Naomi explained to People magazine that her son is "sucking it all out of me, it seems. And when the baby comes out, it's a lot of weight right there."

While it's true that breastfeeding does burn up a lot of calories, solely nursing to lose baby weight isn't the magic pill. It's a combination of that, eating right, and exercising that can help a new mom shrink down to the size she was before becoming pregnant. It is good to remember that some women just lose baby weight more easily than others; I think genes play a role in this process.


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