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Natural Breast-Lifting Workout

Try This Workout For a Natural Breast Lift

Natural Breast-Lifting Workout

There is a connection between the classic calisthenic push-up and the push-up bra: they both give your breasts a little lift! Yes, you can get a perkier bust by working your pectorals, which lie directly under your breast tissue. We've created a quick circuit workout — it should take you under 10 minutes to do — that tones your chest to give your boobs a natural lift. The workout includes back exercises to improve your posture, so you can stand tall to highlight your perkier chest.

Directions: Do this five-exercise circuit three times, taking a break between sets to stretch your chest. Use weights between five and 10 pounds, and go heavier or lighter as needed.

  • Lying chest fly: 12 reps
  • Push-up: 10 reps
  • Bridge with chest press: 12 presses, holding bridge
  • Lateral plank walk: 12 reps, alternating directions
  • Bent-over reverse fly: 12 reps

To learn more details on each exercise keep reading.

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