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Skip the Benadryl! Natural Ways to Relieve Congestion

Whether it's allergies or a nasty cold, being congested sucks. It's hard to breathe, the sinus pressure is painful, and it can even affect your hearing. Blowing your nose offers some relief, but in cases where you're really stuffed up, it can be pretty futile. OTC medicines help dry out mucus but leave users feeling loopy, sleepy, and spaced out. What's left to do? The next time you're feeling all stuffed up, try one of these natural remedies — you'll be breathing free and clear!

  • Steam it out: Whether it's a steam room, hot shower, or a makeshift steam bath over a bowl of hot water, steam helps to loosen mucus and relieve congestion from your nose and chest. Intensify the benefits with the addition of eucalyptus oil, a natural decongestant. Whatever method you use, slowly breathe in the steam for about five minutes and then try blowing your nose and/or coughing. This is usually enough time to break up and loosen the mucus in the body. To aid with sleep, use a humidifier; it helps add moisture to the air, which will thin out mucus in your nasal passages.
  • Grab a neti pot: It might sound a little uncomfortable, but using a neti pot does wonders for relieving nasal congestion and pain — just ask any ear, nose, or throat doctor. Neti pots (in combination with a DIY saline solution) help end nasal congestion by thinning out mucus and built-up crusting in the nose; think of it as a form of nasal irrigation. Still not convinced? Check out these neti pot tips for beginners.

Keep reading for two more ideas after the break.

  • Get on the mat: From back pain to stress, yoga has the power to lessen the symptoms of a host of ailments — including congestion. This mini yoga sequence helps to open up the chest and get blood flowing. Soon enough, congestion will be cleared and that sinus headache gone!
  • Eat and drink the right foods: When it comes to relieving congestion, there are some eating dos and don'ts. Do arm yourself with hot liquids like broth and herbal tea; hot liquid combined with steam helps thin out and loosen mucus. Don't load up on dairy products; casein, the protein present in dairy, has been shown to increase mucus levels in a small section of the population.
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smart-blonde smart-blonde 5 years
My natural remedies: spicy food, walking or running (adrenaline helps to clear the sinuses; I think that's the purpose of pseudoephedrine), and chamomile tea with cayenne pepper in it. I'm curious as to the inclusion of the standing forward bend, where you bring your head down. I find that bending over is extremely painful when I get sinus headaches. Usually I skip yoga when congested in favor of exercise that keeps me upright.
fuzzles fuzzles 5 years
I swear by hot and sour soup. Nothing like it!
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