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Nauli Breathing Video

This Gnarly Yoga Breathing Video Will Melt Your Mind

Have you heard of Nauli breathing? Allow superstar yogi and Alo Yoga ambassador Aubry Wiltcher to demonstrate (disclaimer: we may or may not have shrieked upon witnessing this amazing ab-tastic feat).

Nauli breathing is a yogic style of breath that allows you to "cleanse your internal organs" and activate the core — Aubry likes to do this for inversion stability (and clearly it's working for her — you should definitely peep her Instagram to see her phenomenal inversions).

We have so many questions. First of all, WHAT? OK but really, how do you do that? Do you have organs? Where do they go? Where they at?

Watch how Aubry implements this breathing practice to control her core in a handstand. In the meantime, we'll be spending some time working on our rectus abdominis . . .

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