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A Need for Speed

Running for me is the simplest exercise to fit into my schedule, and now that I have a few races under my belt I want a little more out of running. I want to run faster. One thing I know about my relationship with running, is that change takes time and it is best to have a plan. So instead of just hitting the pavement harder and hoping to go faster, here's a simple drill I am going to try.

Designed by running guru Jeff Galloway, a man dedicated to bringing running to the masses, this exercise is considered a cadence drill.

Here's how it works:

  • After warming up, jog or run a 30-second interval and count the number of times your left foot touches the ground.
  • Recover for one to two minutes with walking or jogging.
  • Speed up again and count the times your left touches the ground in 30 seconds but try to increase the number from your previous interval by 1 or 2.
  • Repeat this sequence several times and keep upping the number. You can do this drill at a track or on the road – it's pretty versatile.

I certainly hope counting my steps while watching my stopwatch isn't harder than walking and chewing gum. I do think I am up for the challenge, are you? After all this is considered a gentle speed drill.


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