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New Ads Highlight Nutritional Benefits of Potatoes

Do Ads For Veggies Make You Want to Buy Them?

Avocados have starred on The Biggest Loser, baby carrots got a junk food-esque makeover, and now, potatoes may be the next vegetable to be in the spotlight.

Following the news that all forms of potatoes play a big role in weight gain, the Idaho Potato Association wants to let us know that there are, in fact, benefits to eating the tuber. New commercials will start airing soon to let us know the role potatoes play in heart health. In fact, potatoes contain high amounts of potassium, which studies have shown may help lower blood pressure and is essential for regulating heart beat.

Are you ever swayed by marketing messages about the benefits of vegetables, or do you arm yourself with nutrition information another way?

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2muchtv 2muchtv 5 years
I'm swayed if a source that I trust tells me about the benefits of a potato. But marketing ads do make me want to consume it (see potato...I WANT A POTATO!) If I see it in a commercial, I'll want it, but it doesn't translate to me purchasing it. Not until I'm convinced that it's healthy. (BTW, the study didn't convince me to eat less potatoes, I just favor different veggies over potatoes.) I know that since those Crystal Geyser commercials have been on tv, I've been drinking more water. For some reason, they appeal to me more than the arrowhead ones.
GummiBears GummiBears 5 years
No. I buy what is in season and if I like it. I am not fond of russet potatoes (just burnt out on them) and would rather have sweet potatoes, either the Okinawa or the Goguma? kind. I think potatoes are maligned for the wrong reasons because how it is commonly prepared in the US.
amber512 amber512 5 years
lol, no. I'm still going to buy the ones I'm going to buy and stay away from the ones I don't like.
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