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Are the New Ads For Reebok EasyTone Offensive?

Speak Up: What's Your Take on the Reebok EasyTone Ads?

In a sea of words, a title like "Make Your Boobs Jealous!" really jumps out at you — something I can attest to after coming across these new ads for Reebok EasyTone.

If these shoes do what Reebok claims, the shoes themselves seem pretty neat — balance pods create natural instability in your step, which forces muscles to adapt and encourages toning in the butt, legs, and thighs. So far, so good, but as my buddy Très points out, the ads focus mostly on two talking breasts!

To see these controversial commercials and judge for yourself,


In the commercials, the camera constantly focuses in on the butt of the actresses, and two out of three times you don't even see a face. And in the commercial where a face is shown, the actress playfully teases with the cameraman that he must like what he sees since he's zooming in so much. Some of the tag lines seem questionable too: "88% of men will be speechless, 76% of women jealous, and 0% will know the reason is on your feet." I don't know about you, but my reason for staying fit is not to make the women around me feel inadequate.


I shared the commercials with a friend and she thought I was being a bit too serious. She got a good laugh out of them and thought they were playful and funny. She especially loved the one where a woman's breasts are given life as they complain about not getting any more stares. Why? Because the butt has taken all the attention away, thanks to EasyTone sneakers! Cue tag line: "Make your boobs jealous!"

When I asked why she wasn't the least bit offended, she left me with the reasoning that "sex sells" and "women want to feel beautiful." I'm going to ask myself if I am being way too serious, but in the meantime, I'd like to know what you think of these ads. Check them out below and share your thoughts with me in the comments section.

Berzerker Berzerker 7 years
Not offensive...Just stupid. But, I've learned not to expect much from American television anymore.
ciecheesemeister ciecheesemeister 7 years
I'm with you. I find these ads exceedingly offensive. They break women down into body parts and they assume that all women want to be leered at and treated as sex objects. I for one would far prefer to be noticed for my abilities than for any part of my body. Strangely, it would seem that it is not women they are trying to sell to at all. The appearance of these ads would be more suited to a beer commercial aimed at horny frat boys. I had already bought these shoes before seeing these ads and had been using them for several months. I like the way they feel when I walk in them but had I seen these ads prior to purchasing the shoes, there is no way I would have bought them.
AmyLacroix AmyLacroix 7 years
I think of all the smut out there, calling this offensive is just silly. And as far as it being sexist, I much prefer this to commercials that are trying to show how happy i can be at home in the kitchen taking care of my husband and children. Why is nobody upset about that stereotype?
euterpe68 euterpe68 7 years
I agree that this commercial should be taken off. It is so embarrassing that we turn the channel when it comes on. Unfortunately we seem to be doing that more and more these days. I get so tired of seeing some womans' rear end or breasts stuck in my face all the time. I think if there were more images of perfectly manicured, hot, men in their underwear with 'large packages' being filtered into mainstream media, men might get an idea of what women are up against with this kind of crap. this commercial is disgusting and it surprises me that Reebok would stoop to near soft porn to sell shoes. I mean do they really think women are THAT stupid??!!! BTW, I did contact Reebok and told them I would not purchase any more of their products until they cleaned up their act!!
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