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New Country of Origin Food Label Law

I like eating seasonally and locally, but I am a realist too. I know much of the food we all eat comes from outside the US. Remember the tomato and hot pepper salmonella scare? Food regulations vary from country to country and many are not as strict as ones in the US, which can pose some health risks. Now a new food label law comes into effect that will require companies to state where certain products such as meat, produce, and other products came from. Now you'll be able to tell if the foods you buy are imported or not, and from which countries they were produced.

The country of origin labeling requirement has been years in the making, and now that it's here, the law is a little confusing since not all foods are covered under the new regulations. Certain foods that are processed such as roasted peanuts, breaded chicken, and bacon are excluded from this law, as are bags of mixed lettuce. Retailers have six months from now to learn and implement the new labeling rules, so you should begin seeing labels in stores relatively soon. This mandatory labeling could help sell products since many people will appreciate knowing their apples came from a local farm. The food origin labels might also discourage people from buying products from unsafe sources, such as with the recent issues in China. The thing is though, consumers have a right to know where their food was grown or packaged. I'm in full support of this law and look forward to the day when the government requires all food retailers to state where their foods come from. What do you think? Are you happy about this new law or not really phased by it? Will these new labels affect how you shop?


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Spectra Spectra 8 years
I think it's a good idea too. I always figured the produce in the stores in the winter were from places like Chile and New Zealand and whatnot, but it'd be nice to know EXACTLY which countries the food is coming from. It would probably cut down a lot on the number of bugs and certain microbes that may make their way into the country on the produce as well because more people would probably choose to buy domestically grown fruits and veggies.
Nina_79 Nina_79 8 years
My home, Switzerland, has also had this as long as I can remember. I think one problem in general in the USA is that consumer rights are not very strong. Just look at the credit card system! This is a very important step for consumers to become more aware and take more responsibility for their buying habits.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i think that there was a post about this on Pop a while back and i think that it's a great idea. there's something to be said about knowing where you're getting your food from and hopefully we'll be able to avoid the mass scares that they have when there's an issue with quality control. i'm all for locally grown, but when you can't always do that, my second priority is US grown. i know that we can't always get the foods that we want from inside the country, but if you can't try - why don't you?
jenniferjane jenniferjane 8 years
I am psyched about the new law. I try to buy locally grown food whenever possible! This will make it much easier.
dkaufmann125 dkaufmann125 8 years
I think this is awesome - they already have this in Whole Foods - which is where I primarily shop for produce
hippiecowgirl hippiecowgirl 8 years
I'm so excited about this! I try to buy local products or products grown as close to home as possible. I'll absolutely be checking these labels and it will heavily influence what I buy.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
I think it's a great idea! What with all the recent issues, there are definitely countries that I would be more than wary of buying from, and now I have the tools to avoid them.
Beaner Beaner 8 years
I like to buy local to support family farms and also since trucks pollute the air when they ship food from afar.
nickyricky nickyricky 8 years
We have had that in Canada for as long as I can remember. Its basically just printed on the sticker that has the produce number on it. In canada during the winter we're used to buying things such as apples from Chile and Bananas from Costa Rica. WE have no choice really because I really don't think that Bananas grow in Canada anyway. It makes no difference to me.
BuchaBaby BuchaBaby 8 years
Wow THIS really amazed me! Why? Cause Germany (my home) has such a law since i can think...and pretty much every EU-country has that, as far as i am informed. I would die if i wasnt able to know where my food was produced. I mean imagine: Bananas are harvested when they are green, are container-shiped to us, so the full amount of flavour they should have is simply not there, cause of the lack of sun. I dont want to eat things that are shipped over a long distance, cause its not enviromental or ecologically thought through.
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