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New Country of Origin Food-Labeling Law Goes Into Effect

COOL News! Food Labeling Law Goes Into Effect

Do you know where your avocado is from? That question is easier to answer now as the new food labeling law goes into effect this week. The so-called COOL law (country of origin label) requires producers of fresh meats, many fruits and vegetables, and assorted other products to state clearly on packages where the food originates.

As part of the Obama administration's efforts to improve food safety, labels on meat products will even state where the animal was born, raised, and slaughtered. However, the law doesn't apply to many foods that are considered "processed," including roasted nuts, bacon, breaded chicken, and bags of veggies containing more than one variety.

Still, the COOL indicator will help us know if produce hails from a place where food safety has come into question, such as when we were told to avoid hot peppers from Mexico and certain states' tomatoes amid last year's salmonella outbreaks. I hope it's just the first step in revamping our faulty food-safety system. Are you looking forward to seeing the new labels?


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