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A New Exercise Movement: NIA

Sick and tired of the same old treadmill routine?

NIA (pronounced NEE-ah) stands for neuromuscular integrative action, and it's one of the many ways you can breathe life into your stale workout routine. NIA is an interesting blend of the fluidity of Tai Chi, the flexibility of yoga, the randomness of modern dance and the energy of martial arts. NIA is done barefoot to music and delivers cardiovascular and whole-body conditioning. It starts off slow and explodes with energy over the course of the class which is typically an hour. Want to know one of my favorite things about NIA? It supports the Pleasure Principle of if it feels good, keep doing it, if it hurts, stop! The class is gently lead by an instructor, so if you don't do well with having an instructor barking orders at you, NIA may be a perfect fit. Think of it like this: If boot camp is like your older brother that went to military school, then NIA is much more like your somewhat peppy hippie sister who wore flowers in her hair and protested the war.

To find a teacher near you and to try it out, check out If you try it, be sure to let me know what you think!

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Jivespeaker Jivespeaker 10 years
a NIA studio just opened up last year down the road from me and I've wanted to check it out... might have to give it a try now.
nikkih nikkih 10 years
Sounds awesome!
Hope5 Hope5 10 years
curlykel13 curlykel13 10 years
I do NIA!! It is SO much fun. I think my favorite part is that in a standard class there's about 20 women, ranging from me (18, the youngest) to like 65 and everyone's laughing and having so much fun. I definitely suggest it.
smellen smellen 10 years
NIA is the best! i've been taking classes for a few years in chicago off & on...currently back at it. if you can find a class with either carlos of debbie (above) --- so much fun! i really enjoy it & always wish i had time for more classes.
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