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New Fitness Trend: Hula Dancing

Reports of a new fitness trend sweeping Japan has its roots in Hawaiian culture. Nope, I'm not talking about surfing. I'm talking about hula dancing.

About 50 women mostly in their 30s to 60s go to Tipness' fitness club in Japan each Friday for a 75-minute hula lesson, which includes basic movements and a drill on dancing postures, all set to Hawaiian music. The class focuses on achieving symmetry in the body by using both your lower and upper body to do the dancing.

In fact, the last time I was in Hawaii, I did take note of how amazing all the hula dancers bodies were. If hula lessons were offered at my gym, I might be interested, especially if I get to wear a cute grass skirt and coconut bra. What about you? Would you be on board for some hula lessons for fitness?


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