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The New Freshman 15: Freshman Five

Did You Gain the Freshman 15?

New research is speculating that the infamous Freshman 15 is more realistically the Freshman Five — in the study college freshman had an average weight increase of 2.7 pounds over the year, not 15 pounds. Despite the actual number, researchers describe the college students eating in cafeterias to have similar mentalities as folks vacationing on a cruise. This provides further evidence that post-adolescence kids, when left to their own devices, can gain a good amount of weight and could use a bit more direction on healthy eating upon entering college.

I wish I could say I gained the Freshman Five, but it was definitely more like 15 — maybe even more. I had no idea about moderation when it came to food and beverages, so I definitely could have benefited from a little coaching on how to avoid the weight gain in college. So what about you guys . . .


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