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New Jersey Creates Office of Nutrition and Fitness

Say what you will about New Jersey, but it is the first of the 50 states to create an Office of Nutrition and Fitness. The goal of the agency is to better coordinate programs to prevent obesity, most of which will be aimed at children since the Garden State has the highest percentage of overweight and obese children under age 5 - 17.7 %.

The programs will tackle the obesity problem through education, support groups and encouraging physical activity, rather than by banning particular foods. Good to know that the state of New Jersey doesn't believe in going carb free either. Another important goal of the Office of Fitness and Nutrition is to “de-normalize” the massive portions served in restaurants. Other items on the agency's agenda are: nutrition and fitness programs, including promoting physical activity at all ages, providing fresh fruit and vegetables to eligible women, children and senior citizens, and encouraging breast-feeding, which can reduce the baby’s chances of a weight problem later.

All I can say is "Right On" New Jersey - looks like the Garden State is growing some healthy policy. It will be interesting to see what kind of impact the Office of Fitness and Nutrition has on the health of all those folks from Jersey.

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brielleblonde brielleblonde 10 years
i am REALLY suprised that new jersey has the highest percentage of overweight and obese children... i live in new jersey and in my class growing up there was only like one overweight kid per grade, because everyone played sports or went to the local park after school. I used to live in maine, where 50% of my classmates were overweight, due to the fact that during winter months there was a lot more snow and children had no where to go out and play. then again.. i do live by the beach in new jersey, so maybe its just a different lifestyle then other areas around the state..
cravinsugar cravinsugar 10 years
beachrunner-i am obese. I AM healthy, believe it or not, and I am not the only one out there! Of course, I have been finding out what thinks could happen and am losing weight now, but government involvement is not an answer. Thanks for making me feel like it is my fault health costs are up. Health costs are up BECAUSE THEY CAN BE. People need health maintenance, and doctors, and insurance, and so the price continually rises, because of that silly ole thing called supply and demand, just like gas prices. So, before you go insulting 70% of the country (at least that is what the media makes it seem like) for causing health care issues, perhaps take a minute to think that the problem might not best be solved by a group of people, funded by our tax dollars, who are going to craete more programs to make people more dependant on government, sucking up more tax money. If I didn't want to be thin, I would get fatter just to piss off the thin people, the bureaucrats, the governemnt, the media, etc.
beachrunner beachrunner 10 years
The "inefficient money sucking problem" are the obese unhealthy people with cardiovascular disease that cost our country billions every year in health related costs. Educating the public on how to make healthy lifestyle choices will save our nation an incalculable ammount of money, not to mention the quality of life for our youth.
cravinsugar cravinsugar 10 years
I am happy when i read that people are becoming aware of what they are eating, etc, but, one thing NO ONE needs is ANOTHER GOVERNMENT AGENCY. seriously. I work witht he government on a daily basis, and this is going to be the most inefficient, money-sucking way to not solve their problem.
chancleta chancleta 10 years
cute idea! go jersey!
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