We know that Hilary Duff loves Pilates, but now we get to see the pay off of all that ab work. Hilary shows off her bikini body in the upcoming issue of Shape. Yep, she is the cover girl for August.

Here are a few of her health secrets:

  • Exercise: Pilates, swimming and treading water, which helps her "firm up." She believes a workout shouldn't be boring or overly strenuous, and Pilates definitely fills those requirements.
  • Diet: Lots of protein, lots of veggies and oatmeal for breakfast. Hilary believes in finding a healthy mix and making trade offs. It is OK to eat your favorite foods, like dessert, but only after skipping the pre-dinner bread basket.
  • Health: When she turned 16, Hilary decided to get in shape and get healthy. She is part of the Stay fit. Eat right. Looking good, California campaign, which is dedicated to bringing healthy food to school cafeterias across California.

Hilary turns 20 in September but her healthy philosophy sounds levelheaded and wise:

Stay healthy, eat healthy, eat what is good for your body and what gives you energy -- and feed your sweet tooth every once in a while. That is the best way to go.

Thanks, Hilary. I couldn't have said it better myself.