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A New Perspective on Self Breast Exams

10 Things That Take More Time Than a Breast Exam

It's easy to remember to do self breast exams in October, but the other 11 months of the year so many of us often forget. While there's no definitive rule on whether women should perform SBEs, my doc says to keep it up. The thought being: the better you know your gals, the more likely you are to detect a problem early without being alarmed by the normal monthly changes in your breast tissue. Yet, somehow the task seems daunting, even though it really takes no time at all. To put some perspective on the time commitment, we've listed 10 things that many of us do routinely without batting an eyelash. All of them generally take more time than a SBE, which could potentially save your life.

  • Blow drying your hair
  • Boiling an egg
  • Shaving your legs
  • Lacing up a new pair of sneakers
  • Folding the laundry

Come see the other activities that take longer than a SBE.

  • Toasting a piece of bread
  • A call home to mom
  • A commercial break
  • Checking the status reports of all your Facebook friends
  • Reading this article!

So the next time you think about doing one of the above, consider giving yourself a breast exam first and then move onto the task at hand.

Source: Flickr User glokbell

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