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Bottled Water No Better Than Tap

Many of us have moved from bottled water to reusable water bottles filled with tap water in an effort to keep bottles out of the landfills. Just the other day, when my sister and I went to the gym, she was toting her bottled water and said, "I know I should switch, but bottled water just seems so much cleaner." I know she is not alone in thinking this — in fact it's common to believe that bottle water is cleaner than tap — but is it really?

To find out the answer, just


No. Not only is some bottled water just repackaged tap water, but new research from the Washington-based Environmental Working Group has found that leading brands of bottled water in the United States contain many of the same contaminants as tap water. In fact, one researcher said, "In some cases, it appears bottled water is no less polluted than tap water and, at 1,900 times the cost, consumers should expect better." Two brands (Sam's Choice sold by Wal-Mart and Acadia of Giant Food supermarkets) did not even meet California state standards for chlorine.

So keep hydrated, especially when you're active, but try to erase the belief that bottled water is better, because often times it's not.

Fit's Tip: And keep in mind that since we're all budgeting these days, tap water (for the most part) is also cheap, if not free.


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