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New Sport Alert - Joggling

Yes that extra "L" is in there on purpose. Joggling combines the rigorous cardiovascular demands of jogging and the hand-eye coordination of juggling. This is no joke. People are actually juggling while jogging.

Jogglers say that the rhythm of juggling with 3 objects corresponds perfectly with the action and pace of running. As you swing your arms naturally with each step, you just turn your hands slightly to catch the bean bag. Not only does juggling while jogging keep you at an even pace, you'll never get bored on a run ever again! As if that's not all, a study conducted at the University of Regensburg in Germany, reported that juggling can actually make your brain get bigger. Talk about a total mind-body workout!

Well I tell you, if this doesn't motivate you to get up off the couch, I don't know what will. I mean, if a joggler can run 3 miles and keep 3 beans bags moving at the same time, I think I can at least do the 3 miles.

Here's a great video demonstrating joggling on a treadmill. After watching it, you'll get more of a sense of how the 2 movements really complement one another.

If you thought that was amazing, check out these joggling marathoners juggling in the Salt Lake City Marathon. Want to see? Then

Fit's Tips: If you want to learn more about Joggling, check out this podcast on It's about a man named Perry Romanowski who runs marathons and juggles the whole time. His goal is to joggle an entire marathon in under 3 hours. How amazing is that?

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